Seminar: Digital Dividend 2 (DD2) in Norway

45 minute seminar
The seminar will be held in english
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Modern productions – from festival fields, live arenas, theatres and sports venues, to more permanent installations inside auditoriums, schools, and churches – rely on wireless microphones. Demand for wireless microphones is skyrocketing.

So here’s the catch: wireless microphones and mobile devices both use radio frequencies to operate, and mobile network operators are buying up more of the spectrum to make sure they can deliver their services, leaving less for wireless microphone and IEM equipment.

Norway is about to start clearing 700 MHz band and this affects not only users who own equipment that operates in the 700 MHz band, but potentially also users of frequencies below. Join Sennheiser seminar on Digital Dividend 2 in Norway to learn more about this topic as well as how Sennheiser is planning to handle the ever-narrowing RF spectrum for wireless microphone systems.

This seminar is a part of LLB expo in Telenor Arena 6-8. march 2019.
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